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Bread Class
Bobbie at Bread Class, captured by Cedar Mountain Photography.

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  • Providence Home School Fellowship is a Pine Mountain-based homeschool co-op offering classes taught by moms like PE, cooking, art, geography, choir, astronomy, anatomy, agriculture and basic skills for preschool ages. Community workers like the fire department come in and talk to the kids. The co-op also coordinates a Christmas program and an end of the year program, and a thanksgiving feast.
  • Anna is experienced at homeschooling and is happy to be a resource for other parents. Another resource is the Blount County Homeschoolers FB group.
  • Shannon teaches band and music classes for homeschoolers of all ages: Rocking Recorders for early elementary ages, Beginning Band for all ages, and Advanced Band for the student with at least 1 year of experience on a band instrument. Classes are held at Agape Church in Pinson. Contact Shannon at 205-601-2198, via email, or through FB.

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Learn about canning

Sandra and Jon check the pressure gauge at the Learn About Canning skillshare event.