Trade Day

Trade Day

our local gathering & market

Pine Mountain Trade Day brought the community together to buy, sell, trade, and give goods from our local growers and makers.

Trade Day began the first Thursday in June 2022 and was held, rain or shine, on every other Thursday evening through the summer into mid-September. We also held special Trade Days during Bluegrass Jamboree.

Entry and parking were free. Shoppers were asked to bring baskets or bags for purchases.

trade day photo albums

Get a taste for Trade Day – or relive these delightful gatherings – through our photo albums!

trade day history

Trade Day began in June 2022. This all-volunteer effort combined the efforts of many contributors, especially Raetta, Katherine, Becky, Sandra, Heather, Jessica, Patty, and Janie, all of whom supported Trade Day from the beginning and were quick to jump in when I requested help as the event grew.

Additionally, Jolie handcrafted a donation box for Trade Day and other gatherings. Jessica, Bobbie, and Brenda donated fruit. Dave & Becca and Anna coordinated a Trade Day raffle with goods donated by vendors and volunteers, raising $80 for PMCC.

Trade DayTrade Day
Trade Day