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Everyone is welcome to a (free) page! To see sample pages, go to Homegrown or Handmade and click on each name. For your page, send the items below via email or msg. You’ll soon receive a link to your page, which can be edited or updated anytime.

  • Intro. Introduce yourself to your neighbors! You might talk about your interests, background, skills or hobbies you'd be glad to share with others, etc.
  • Photos. You might include images of your homegrown or handmade goods, hobbies, your garden or land, animals, family, etc.
  • Contact info. Your FB profile, email and/or telephone.
  • Location. Your approximate location, e.g., near the Community Center or Tyler Road or Red Valley Road.

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  • Description or list of the services you offer.
  • Contact info that you'd like included.
  • Location of the business and/or the approx. location of your home.

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