Community Center

Located at 4477 Pine Mountain Road in Remlap, Pine Mountain Community Center was established in December 1969 when the community purchased the former Blount Highland School from Blount County Board of Education for $1,500 and established a non-profit corporation of the same name to operate the Community Center. Years later, eight acres were added, bringing the property to 10.4 acres. [For information sources, see Credits.]

Pine Mountain Community Center

The Community Center began its existence in the 1930s as the fourth structure to house Blount Highland School, which had two classrooms, one for grades 1–3 and another for 4–6, and was attended by many current residents of Pine Mountain. When the school closed in 1969, students were bussed to Locust Fork, and in 1972, to the newly built Southeastern School on the 75 in Remlap.

The Pine Mountain Extension Homemakers Club established electricity in the building in 1976. The concrete porch and ramp were added in 1982. In response to an application written by Brenda Reeves, “Blount County Historical Society presented the center with a plaque in 1985 in recognition of its age and history.”

bluegrass at Pine Mountain Community Center
The original pavilion, built in 1978, hosts Bluegrass Jamboree.
bluegrass at Pine Mountain Community Center
A second, larger pavilion began in December 2019 and was completed in late 2021. Terry Hallmark contributed the concrete floor. This 40x40 ft. pavilion is shown above at Trade Day in June 2022.
Bluebird Trail at Pine Mountain Community Center
The quarter-mile Bluebird Trail arcs along the north side of the property, curving around the baseball field. The trail, with its benches and bridge over a small creek, was completed between 1995 and 2008 as part of the Eagle Scout projects of Mark Abercrombie, Travis Abercrombie, Barry Woods, Billy Ray Smith, and Jeremy Rudy.
Pine Mountain Community Center
The complex also includes two baseball fields. Please see Ballfields for information about the fields, usage, and where to park.
Playground at Pine Mountain Community Center
The new playground was popular on August 11, 2022, during Trade Day. Installation began in late July 2022; a fence was added in early September. The Blount Countian published coverage on the front page of the August 10, 2022 issue.
Swingset at Pine Mountain Community Center
Denise Hudson remembers the old cast iron swingset from her days as a student at Blount Highland in the late ’50s and ’60s, and Kevin played on the swings during BBQs in the 1970s. Above, a new generation enjoys the swingset on Trade Day.

Facility use

  • Residents may freely use the trail, swingset, and playground. See Ballfields for usage, parking, and history of the two fields.
  • Park on the grass next to the Schoolhouse, in the new large lot behind the regulation baseball field, or in the small gravel lot adjacent to the Fire Station and Schoolhouse.
  • If you would like to hold an event or gathering at the Schoolhouse or Pavilion, contact the Board at or via Facebook, or call Reservations Coordinator Ellen Hallman at 205-681-3918.
  • For private or commercial events, such as a reunion, baby shower, or employee party, PMCC has, in previous years, charged $50–100 per use.
  • For community gatherings that are not-for-profit and open to the public, PMCC has granted free use for some gatherings while charging for others. This was to be discussed on Sept. 17, 2022, and voted on by the Board and all community members in attendance, per Treasurer Kim Russell. However, the Board canceled the meeting and never made themselves available for discussion of this topic.
  • For PMCC’s policy on facility use, see pages 6–7 of the 2022 By-Laws.

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