Low-Cost Spay/Neuter

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Fees & discounts

Low-cost spaying and neutering options are available to Blount County and St. Clair County pet owners. Several programs offer discounted sterilization at Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic (ASN) and local vets:

  Cat f Cat m Dog f Dog m Clinics
ASN $100 $75 $125 $105 ASN
These are Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic's standard low-cost options, which can be further discounted by most of the programs listed below (check the right column for 'ASN'). Schedule online or call 205-956-0012. Transportation is available from Oneonta and other areas. (Also see TNR.)
Fix Your Mama $25 $25 $25* ASN
Blount County residents only. Includes spay/neuter, rabies vaccine, and transportation from Oneonta for female cats, female dogs, and all *pit bulls and pit mixes. To schedule, call 205-956-0012 and ask for the Fix Your Mama program.
AAAS $60 $45 $90 $65 ASN, Vets
Prepay Alabama Animal Adoption Society (AAAS) via mail or in Homewood.
FCDF $75 $60 $90 $80 ASN, Vets
Prepay Friends of Cats & Dogs Foundation (FCDF) online or via mail.
Pell City $50 $35 $65 $50 ASN
St. Clair County residents only. Prepay at Pell City Animal Control Center; ask for the Pell City Animal Control Voucher.
SNAP $45 $40 $70 $65 ASN, Vets
Available to St. Clair County residents with household income below $49,000/year. Prepay at ASPCI in Pell City.
ALVMF $10 $10 $20 $20 Vets
Medicaid recipients only; two animals per household per year. To schedule, contact a participating vet and mention the ALVMF Spay/Neuter License Plate Program. Expect a several-month wait for approval plus additional fees for vaccines and parasite treatments. We include this program for completeness, but in most cases one of the above programs will be preferable.

If you run into any challenges or if you need assistance, please be in touch.

Schedule in advance! Allow two months' lead time for your pet’s appointment, since these surgeries are in high demand. For the greatest pregnancy prevention and the health and behavioral benefits, sterilize kittens and puppies at 3–5 months old. Don't wait til your animal has a litter: 'spay delay' is a major cause of shelter overpopulation. If a female goes into heat, keep her indoors and separated from males.

Possible additional fees: At the time of surgery, your pet will receive a rabies vaccination if not already current, per state law. Vets may require and charge for other vaccines and parasite treatments, for an additional cost of $40–100+; ASN does not. There may be a surcharge if a pet is in-heat, pregnant, or 7 years or older; for larger dogs; or if overnight boarding is required. To minimize costs, we recommend ASN.

For additional financial assistance, these organizations may be able to help:

For other areas, search your zip code at Spay Alabama or United Spay Alliance.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppies at the Animal Adoption Center of Blount County. Photo by Kristin Yarbrough
Yes, these Welsh Springer Spaniel littermates at the Blount County shelter are adorable — but will there be space in the shelter for all of the cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies brought in? By sharing low-cost spay/neuter options and by sterilizing your animals and your community's resident cats, you help save lives.

spay/neuter saves lives

Spaying or neutering saves lives by reducing the number of animals entering shelters, where many face an unnecessary and untimely death. When you spay or neuter your pet, your choice allows more resources to be allocated toward saving lives.

We thank Aubrie Kavanaugh, Peggy Cropp, Lori Howell, Karen Startley, Pamela Keck, Mark Nelson, Jeff Thompson, Aimee Wilson, Lesley Calvert, and AAAS for their assistance and support in compiling and sharing this information. Photo by Kristin Yarbrough.