It was a pleasure to meet and get to know many new friends in our community in 2022’s events, including Trade Day, Bluegrass, Canning, Bread Class, Craft Night, and through reporting and photography for this website and for the Blount Countian.

My husband and I live on the west side of Pine Mountain. See About This Website for several ways to get in touch.

Bread Class
Promethea silkworm caterpillar (Callosamia promethea): one of four who, over a few days, munched every leaf off a young Sweet Gum tree next to our deck. Their color is amazing: a bright white and light green body with blue dots, fluorescent magenta protrusions at the head, and fluorescent yellow-green (with face-like markings) at the tail end. Photographed Aug. 22, 2022.
Bread Class
This Common Buckeye moth (Junonia coenia), a favorite of my husband's late aunt, danced among the flowering mint on our deck, inviting our enjoyment of his dazzling design. Photographed Aug. 23, 2022.