PMCC Board & Organization

Pine Mountain Community Center (PMCC), a non-profit corporation, was established in 1969. See Community Center for an overview of the property and the history of the building.

pmcc's purpose

“The purpose of the corporation is to provide a central location for community projects and activities,” according to the founding PMCC Articles of Incorporation III and III(c), such as, “making available to residents of the community and to any other organization, space in its building in which to conduct recreational and other types of community activities.”

board of directors & contact information

The Board is tasked with carrying out PMCC’s purpose. Board members serve a 1-year term. Trustees serve staggered three year terms. All are eligible for reelection with no term limits.

Elections were due in Nov. 2022 but no meeting was announced to the community. According to an attendee, a private voting meeting was held in late Dec. 2022: “The board members did not turn over this year. We did vote in one new trustee.” The 2022 Board of Directors is listed below. Newer information is unknown. [Attendee comment sent via Messenger to a group chat, Jan. 10, 2023]

  • Terry Hallmark, President: 205-288-5708
  • Marc de Smidt [moved out of state], Vice President: FB
  • Kimberly Hallmark Russell, Treasurer: FB
  • Gwen Brady, Secretary: 205-681-7712 or text 205-215-5051, neighbor page
  • La Genia Franks Custer, Trustee: FB, neighbor page
  • Kenneth McIntyre, Trustee: FB, neighbor page
  • Larry Perrin, Trustee: contact info unknown

In Nov. 2022, the Board offered an email address: The Board has not provided a mailing address nor general phone number.

annual financials

The 2021–2022 financial report was due at November’s annual meeting. Ssee PMCC Financial Information for breakdowns of these figures:

sources & credits

At the May 2022 meeting and again in early June 2022, I asked the Board and Trustees for meeting minutes, history, contact information for the Board and Trustees (whether for the group or individually), and other PMCC-related information. Secretary Gwen Brady declined my request for meeting minutes, saying that she may provide summarized or edited versions; none of these has been provided. Gwen did provide her phone and email. (In Oct. 2022, after a canceled Sept. meeting and weeks without communication from the board, I posted the other contact info I had.) The information that is on this page is from my research and the help of other community members:

  • Lester Hallman and Gwen Brady identified the executive board members and clarified the voting procedure and some of the other information included on this page during conversations on took place Aug. 7–8, 2022.
  • Kenneth McIntyre identified the trustees on Sept. 8, 2022.
  • Amy Rhudy provided historical information from the collection at Blount County Memorial Museum & Historical Society.
  • Tammie Swann, Archivist at the Blount County Courthouse Records Room, assisted in locating PMCC’s founding documents.