Photo Use Policy

Pine Mountain Bluegrass Jamboree

Photographs belong to their creator and may not be used without permission. I am glad for you to enjoy a photo in your home or share it in your publication, in accordance with these guidelines:

to use image(s) in print

Whether for personal use or for publication, contact me. The images that I share on this website and on FB are low resolution and not suitable for printing; I will provide you with a high resolution file for good print quality. If the image is for publication, please attribute and do not alter.

to use image(s) on the web

You are welcome to share or post an image on the web for personal purposes. Please attribute and do not alter. To use an image for any other purpose, whether commercial, promotional, etc., permission is required: contact me.

always attribute

Attribution is required: please allow me the pleasure of your and others’ enjoyment of the photo. On Facebook, share directly from my posting of the image or include a link to my profile. For use on any other website or in print, please include ‘Photo by Kristin Yarbrough.’

do not alter

Do not crop, resize, adjust color, add text, or otherwise alter. If you would like to print the photo, need it to fit into a frame, etc., simply contact me.

Photography on this website is by Kristin Yarbrough except for the Bread Class album by Cedar Mountain Photography and some of the Homegrown and Handmade photos which belong to their respective makers.