Americans for America Scrappers, LLC

Appliance pickup by Americans for America Scrappers, LLC

If it’s powered by a plug or batteries, or if it’s made of metal, it can be recycled by Americans for America Scrappers: large and small appliances, batteries of all types, TVs, stereos, computers, cell phones, light fixtures, fans, A/C units, water heaters, grills, fence posts, wire, lawn mowers, cars, metal furniture, and more.

The photo shows James’ truck and trailer in a Pine Mountain driveway, where he loaded 15+ years of broken appliances.

Free pickup may be available for large items located within a 20 mi radius of Oneonta (anywhere in Blount County, including Pine Mountain, Asheville, Snead).

I met James at an appliance drop off arranged by the City of Oneonta. He has since picked up two loads of appliances, metals, and electronics from my property. I’ve found him to be reliable, trustworthy, and a pleasure to work with, and I am grateful that thanks to his help, these items can be reclaimed (at least in part) rather than remaining in my basement or piling up in a landfill.

For pickup or more information, call or text James at Americans for America Scrappers LLC at 205-243-7632 (he does not use Facebook or email).

[Last updated Jan. 8, 2023]