There are two baseball fields on the grounds of the Community Center.

Pine Mountain Community Center Schoolhouse
The regulation field, built in 2021, is maintained by Southeastern Rec.
Pine Mountain Community Center Schoolhouse
Loftiss/Robbins provided the corner posts, Tennessee Valley Metals donated the dugout roofs, Southeastern Rec paid for the fence, and Pine Mountain resident Harold Cook built the field.

Facility use

  • Southeastern Rec teams practice on the baseball field bordering Pine Mountain Road. Residents are welcome to enjoy the field whenever it is not in use.
  • According to Micah of Southeastern Rec, only Southeastern Rec may use the regulation field. PMCC board members did not dispute this. [Micah: 07.08.22 call; subsequent follow-up with PMCC board]
  • Parking is available in the large lot behind the regulation baseball field (bordering the outfield, on the northeast side) or on the grass next to the Schoolhouse.