Raetta & Rickey

Raetta & Rickey have extensive experience with animals (Bloodhounds, horses, Kunekune pigs, Brahma chickens, quail, guineas), gardening, beekeeping, composting, and food preservation, and generously share their skills. In their bountiful garden, they grow purple hull peas, squash, peppers, okra, rattlesnake pole beans, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and more.

Raetta can help with canning and other types of food preservation – in person and with her recipes for canned green beans and pepper sauce. She also teaches tracking and forages mushrooms and medicinal plants. Rickey is knowledgeable about medicinal herbs and herb identification.

They also raise and train Bloodhounds — see Young Mountain Bloodhounds — and track missing people, pets, and wounded animals locally as well as across state lines! One of Raetta’s rescues was featured in the Oct/Nov 2022 issue (p.78) of Discover, The Essence of St. Clair.

Contact Raetta at 337-912-0013 or through Facebook, and Rickey through his Facebook account. They live near Holly Springs Fire Department.

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