Joe’s MedaChair

Joe Armstrong of Remlap is the inventor of MedaChair. He shares his story:

When my father, Charlie Armstrong, became bedridden, it was very important to our family to provide care for him at home. One of the most difficult tasks was transferring him from his bed to the toilet and then back into his bed. I had to personally lift him from his bed to his wheelchair and from the wheelchair to the toilet and then repeat the process to get him back into bed. It was very stressful and demanding on me physically and equally hard on him. I was very concerned that I might injury him or myself due to the physical demands on us both every time he needed to use the restroom. I had the idea for MedaChair  to make this process safer and far less stressful on both the caregiver and the patient or loved one.

MedaChair MedaChair