Christy – Dogwood Catering

Christy is the owner and chef at Dogwood Catering (and the former Dogwood Grill at the Ridge Adventure Park). She caters many wedding, birthday, and other events, in addition to small orders such as soups, chicken salad, and pimento cheese.

At Trade Day, Christy has offered pimento cheese, sausage hashbrown balls, cake pops, fudge, banana pie bites, and other temptations! Whet your appetite with these photos of Christy’s creations. Christy also grows an extraordinary array of flowering bulbs and bushes, and offers the fruit on her bountiful scuppernong vines when they are ripe in late August or early September.

Christy has many family members on the mountain, including daughters Emily and Lulu, aunt Lunette, uncle Dewey, and cousin Patty. Contact Christy at 205-314-9182 or through Facebook.

Trade DayDogwood Catering Christy's flowers Christy's flowers Christy's flowers Christy's flowers Christy's flowers and plants Dogwood Catering Dogwood Catering