Bobbie – H&H Farms & Hatchery
and Homemade Soaps

Bobbie’s H&H Farms & Hatchery is a destination for chicken and quail hatching eggs and chicks — we’re so fortunate that she’s our neighbor! She also sells eggs for eating, and handmade soaps. Bobbie can be contacted through Facebook or at 205-369-6721.

H&H Farms & Hatchery
Chicken eggs in multiple colors
H&H Farms & Hatchery
Hatching eggs and chicks of many breeds: Ameraucana in Self-Blue, Blue, Black, and Splash; Standard Patridge Brahmas, Black and Blue Copper Marans, English Jubilee Orpingtons, Olive Eggers, Bobwhite Quail, Coturnix Quail. NPIP/AI Clean.
H&H Farms & Hatchery H&H Farms & Homemade Soaps