Barb’s Berries and Blessings Orchard

Barb & Curtis offer u-pick blueberries for $11 per gallon, or prepicked for $25 per gallon. In 2022, blueberry u-pick opened on June 15 and was winding down by mid-July.

Peaches are available during blueberry season. The brief pear and persimmon season is in August. Muscadine u-pick ($7 per gallon) begins in early September.

Apples will be available in future years. The young trees that Barb & Curtis planted are already bearing fruit! Once the tender branches are stronger and hardier, the apple trees, too, will be open for u-pick.

The orchard is located at 8475 Co. Highway 27, Springville. It is just east of the Ridge Resort; one mile east of the interesection of Pine Mountain Road and Murphrees Valley Road. You can contact Curtis at 205-239-4544 or Barb at 205-281-6963.

During the season, hours are Monday–Saturday from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm; closed Sunday. It’s best to pick early or later in the afternoon because of the heat.

Barb's Berries and Blessings Orchard Barb's Berries and Blessings Orchard